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the strategic
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artistic production
and socio-cultural
action meet.



Escaping the horror with a blown sail. | We are sitting in the crammed studio attic above the Brühl Kunstverein - Blalla's refuge and workshop for a year now. Blalla has made tea, put Albinoni's Adagio into the cassette recorder, and is now chatting about his life; in between we push canvases back and forth and look at the paintings. ...   more

Humorous service to the German people as special treatment. | Blalla W. Hallmann is a boner fetishist, a friend of arm candelabras and sparklers, he loves bear eyes, open ones even more than closed ones. Blalla W. Hallmann sings to leggy blondes, ...  more

Hate and Fun with Blalla W. Hallmann. | Matthias Reichelt, Berlin 1992. | Hate releases criminal and destructive energy or art. With Blalla W. Hallmann it does the latter. In doing so, Blalla W. Hallmann places himself between all the comfortable chairs that the art trade and art history provide him with in their outrageously integrative manner. more

Blalla W. Hallmann. | Manfred Schneckenburger in catalog: Blalla W. Hallmann, Regensburg 1996. | Blalla W. Hallmann is a radical. A magician who transforms our world into heavens or hells - and thereby exposes it as our world all the more. An original genius in the most beautiful, ambivalent sense. more

Blalla W. Hallmann: Fool's cap or coronation cap? | Hartmut Kraft in: Ärzteblatt, issue May 2003, page 240, KUNST + PSYCHE. | After a stay in a psychiatric clinic, Blalla W. Hallmann soon suffered again from a delusion of intoxication. A paranoid-hallucinatory psychosis, which had broken out as a result of deprivation and abundant drug use in the USA in 1968, ... more

Shrill suffering of humanity. Provocateur Blalla W. Hallmann lives on in the Nuremberg Kunsthaus. | Ute Maucher, in: Abendzeitung of 25/26 May 2005. | He spared no one: not the objects of his art, nor their viewers, and certainly not himself. Until he died in Windsbach in 1997 at the age of 56, Blalla W. Hallmann was a passionate, uncompromising painter and campaigner whose taboo-less works ... more